A Total Quality Delivery Solution

Successful organisations today demand certainty. So, when Qual IT looks at ensuring the quality of a project, programme, or product for our clients, we consider all the quality aspects from the point of inception to completion and beyond to help you get the most out of your technology investment. For Qual IT this means providing not only independent, integrated QA services but also specialist security expertise to provide a more complete delivery solution.

To make a real difference in the business outcomes of our customers, we’re changing the traditional thinking of security being considered a ‘one-off’ and welcoming SEQA's security specialists as ‘part of the integrated QA team’. Through this we are able to offer solutions that begin with the right approach, quality coverage, and solutions from the start - from requirement level and continuing through to architecture, development, and operations.

Both security and quality assurance testing are fundamentally different, and each requires specialist skill sets. The quality assurance team works to ensure the solution functions as designed, whereas the security team works to ensure the solution is free from vulnerabilities. One has the mindset of a normal user and one the mindset of a malicious hacker. For a quality assurance tester, the outcome is already known and documented, however, a penetration tester might work for hours (sometimes days) to find one vulnerability that could be exploited.

To put this integrated solution into context, imagine that when you release a new digital product to market, such as an internet-facing application, you can be assured that it is fit for purpose. At the critical analysis, planning, scoping and engagement stages, our Consulting and Business Analyst teams provide advice and assistance. As the project progresses, our Testers and Engineers are then integrated into the implementation and delivery process, utilising strategic functional and non- functional test planning and execution to ensure your technology performs under pressure and to expectation. In addition to this, our team will ensure that it has been thoroughly security tested to eliminate, or at least reduce, the likelihood that unforeseen security weaknesses or critical vulnerabilities could adversely affect it, your organisation or your customers, as well as conduct  QA reviews at critical points throughout the project's lifecycle to support its successful delivery. 

Using Qual IT’s four core QA areas of expertise, Consulting, Business Analysis, Testing, and Engineering, together with SEQA’s complementary security specialists, our team can successfully deliver to organisations across all kinds of industries and project and programme types.

Let’s go on this journey together.

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