Achieving Successful Automation Outcomes

Are you finding it a challenge to understand if you have the right capability to drive the Automation process, the right technology or solution in place, the right level of business maturity, and/or the right strategy and governance set up to have a consistent Automation practice?

Developing and maintaining an effective and efficient Automation solution can be challenging, and without addressing some of these challenges upfront you run the risk of it simply becoming a technical venture rather than an exercise in continuous improvement and delivery through your business landscape.

Below we highlight some of the key issues to consider:

  • How the internal culture of your organisation may change or how to develop an understanding of how it may need to adapt
  • Consideration of how complex the application and its related architecture is
  • How the QA solution and process may impact any existing legacy systems

If these items aren’t addressed, you’ll be diving in headfirst without assessing your actual need or having a clear strategy to deliver successful outcomes, and with no focus on continuous improvement or understanding what you’re trying to achieve through Automation. This a common pitfall that results in time and effort being spent without realising its true benefit or any true business value.

Once you’ve established that Automation is right for your organisation and at what scale, you’ll want to understand how to drive successful Automation outcomes and enable your organisation to understand their actual business need as well as creating a solution that’s “Fit for Purpose” and which addresses your key drivers, vision and business objectives. 

Qual IT’s specialist, integrated QA services have collaborated on numerous successful client engagements to provide solutions that not only ensure our customers have the technical coverage they require through our QA Engineering experts but that these technical solutions have alignment back to their business processes and change through the independent insights that our Business Assurance & Analysis (BA) practice can provide. Ultimately, by creating collaboration they’re bringing together business intelligence and technical know-how to provide improved quality assurance outcomes for our customers.

Our specialists have the expertise to provide the independent advice and insights needed concerning your organisations people, processes, technology and governance to successfully support the key foundations of Automation in your QA domain.

We focus on promoting continuous improvement through your business lifecycle by developing an understanding of your key business processes which aid in the definition of clear goals and objectives. Qual IT recognise their importance in determining a successful outcome by creating a common understanding and clarity of purpose, as well as assisting in creating accurate estimates and developing the best solution.

We can also assist in defining the boundaries that your organisation will embrace and also standardise the complexity that the business deals with and its impact on areas such as a test data management process framework to ensure consistency while providing certainty that it is scalable and repeatable.

Here are just some of the key benefits of using Qual IT’s independent, integrated Quality Assurance specialists to drive successful Automation outcomes:

  • Identifies the ‘true’ business need to create true business value
  • Enables enterprise-wide benefits
  • Provides a deeper understanding of where Automation fits into your wider strategy
  • Provides strategic alignment to business IT strategy
  • Determines business processes framework
  • Provides suggestions and options of tools and technique to implement automation to support business process framework
  • Provides initial design assessment of interested automation framework through Proof of concept
  • Design and implement scalable, maintainable and future proof automation framework
  • Identifies suitable solution options for continuous automated testing
  • Provides recommendations for maintenance or future expansion needs

 Automation Success

If you’re thinking about using Automation to deliver effective and efficient gains in your delivery chain but don’t know where to start, or you’ve been using it but not realising its full benefits, our integrated Qual IT BA and Engineering experts can guide you through your transformation journey - we call this end to end certainty. 

Let’s go on this journey together.

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