Achieving overall quality of your business’s data

Data Assurance…

Data assurance looks at the overall quality of a business’s data. More than ever, a business’s performance is intricately linked with the state of its data, extending across multiple dimensions; accuracy, completeness and consistency, for reliability.

When our business clients first come up with their ideas is when Qual IT’s service lines place a focus on data assurance. Our analysts, experts in shaping and defining solutions, work to understand what data is needed to drive optimised business operations and is of most use for business analytics.

Why it’s important and why you benefit…

Bad data is bad for business. Poor quality data results in inefficient operations, inaccurate analytics and ill-conceived business directives. Bad data that’s incomplete or error ridden adds unnecessary expense to the bottom line and can lead to lost business opportunities. Bad data can mean that a business is fined for improper regulatory compliance.

The benefits of good data include reduced costs of fixing bad data and avoidance of operational error and process breakdowns, meaning a healthier balance sheet.

Data issues we help solve…

The most common data issue businesses face is finding their data is duplicated, inaccurate, and/or obsolete, and in need of cleansing. This can often occur due to mergers or migration of data. Another common issue businesses struggle with is reconciling data from various disparate big data repositories.

Our analysts work to find the source of errors.

Typical successes…

Our data assurance team use a personalised approach to bring your data to life.



Our data assurance team use a range of innovative techniques, working with you, to create more reliable data.



Qual IT has in-depth knowledge and expertise in providing assurance around data-related business change. We help you balance the risks and opportunities that data operations present to your enterprise and offer capability throughout the data lifecycle.

Qual IT’s Data Assurance team can assist with Test Data, Data Warehousing, Test Data Management, BI and Data Migration projects – from initial planning through to implementation and beyond. Our appreciation of the business and operational risks involved in data projects will assist you and your stakeholders to gain confidence in a trusted and stable outcome, help you remove data friction between technology and business, and improve the quality of your data processes.

Learn how our independent, highly experienced, multi-disciplined QA team  and Data specialists can support your organisation today.

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