BAs at the heart of successful change

Of all the IT resources in demand right now, Qual IT’s Business Analysis Portfolio Manager, Bruce Melrose, believes the business analyst is the most sought after. Why?

With the move towards more and more digital offerings, and the need to do things differently, more efficiently, and smarter, Bruce considers that the Business Analyst is core to driving the successful realisation of digital solutions that optimise not only superficial user interface elements but contribute to the full digital experience.

Bruce shares the top five integral skills he believes BA’s possess that are contributing to their demand:

  1. Data and business process mapping. Both data and business process mapping drive digitisation. They’re not the only two things, there’s also customer and product mapping among other drivers that play an important part, but digitisation and artificial intelligence (AI) is about data and using data to gain insights for a competitive advantage. For accurate decision- making, you need good, clean, high-quality data and even business-centric business analysts need to embrace data to contribute meaningful value.
  2. Business rules. Along with analytics and insights, digital solutions, automated decision-making outcomes, and AI all run off business rules. Business rules define responses to user interactions. Ironically, the more our world changes, fundamental business analysis activities only become more relevant.
  3. Understanding business value and business outcomes. From analysis to documentation and deliverables, valuing visualisation techniques over words and being able to apply those techniques to do the heavy lifting will in turn provide a better translation when designing solutions.
  4. Being able to choose the right hybrid of methodologies. One single approach never works perfectly despite what the textbooks say, nor does it fit all projects or programmes of work; so being pragmatic and being able to select an approach suitable for the unique task at hand is a skill worth having.
  5. Being a leader at an enterprise level. As an analyst, confident collaboration to build enduring and aligned relationship ladders is key. Working from home, while convenient and easy, especially when it’s raining and cold, won’t cut it. Engaging people, face to face in workspaces will.

Bruce Melrose

Portfolio Manager – Business Analysis

In this time of accelerated business transformation, if you need BA expertise to get to the heart of your project so you can be sure, not only of your business decisions but of your outcomes too, get in touch.

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