Customer Testimonial - Sharing our Success

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) is New Zealand’s largest and most experienced volunteer agency working in international development. They bring together New Zealanders and our Asia-Pacific neighbours to share their skills and experience, working to transform lives and create a fair future for all.

Today VSA knows that they make the most difference through people, partnerships and the lasting relationships these create. Over the past 56 years, they have recruited more than 3,500 New Zealanders. Their volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds, from business mentors and lawyers to doctors and eco-tourism operators. VSA believes all people and communities deserve to be treated equally with respect and dignity.

VSA became a customer of Qual IT in late 2018 in a business assurance capacity. Our business analysts assessed and quickly understood VSA's processes and systems, from which they gave independent, pragmatic high-level recommendations for the next stage of development. Support is ongoing and extends to procurement, business case, etc.

Qual IT Testimonial - Stephen Goodman (MNZM