Making the Move: Migrating to NZ from India

Migrating to NZ with Qual IT

Donald Joshua joined us five years ago and has become an integral member of the Qual IT team with his infectious positivity and eagerness to continue to increase his skills and responsibilities. The move has been a family affair for Donald, with his wife Melita also forming an important part of the Qual IT crew! Find out more about his journey to date below and check out the video to hear from Donald and his fellow colleagues about their experience making the move to New Zealand.  


What was it about the role and about Qual IT that attracted you?

Moving from the product space into consultancy was the first thing that attracted me. I was also drawn to Qual IT’s extensive list of government clients in Wellington and their commitment to process and technology. Finally, I was hooked by the videos they had shared of family parties, events and work culture.

How did you find our application and recruitment process?

Transparent, quick and hassle-free.

What, ultimately, made you decide to accept Qual IT’s offer and make the move to NZ?

The roles and responsibilities along with a chance to work in one of the leading Test Assurance Consultants in New Zealand.

We make an effort at Qual IT to support you through the Immigration and moving process. How did you find this?

The Qual IT Resourcing Team went above and beyond right from the beginning, helping with documentation while we were applying for our visas, right through to helping us get settled in by organising a serviced apartment and even assisting us to find our way around.

 Did you have any initial concerns about making the big move to work in a new country?

 I was equally excited and nervous about the new place, people, and culture.

How did Qual IT support you when you first arrived?

Our Portfolio Manager, Dean picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at a fully furnished serviced apartment where there was a beautiful welcome set up with a phone and initial goodies to get me through.  Along with making me feel at home and welcomed and I still remember the first introduction email that Qual IT sends out to everyone. The number of employees that welcomed me made me feel I was in a known place and allowed me to make some meaningful connections over the years.

Tell me about the client and role you are currently engaged with at Qual IT? And how you are finding the role?

I am currently engaged with the Department of Conservation, Electoral Commission and New Zealand Post. The roles that I get here are exciting and full of different opportunities, and balancing the client work along with in-house work at Qual IT keeps me fully occupied.

You have been at Qual IT for a few years now, what changes have taken place for you over the last 3 years since we last profiled you on the website.

Yes, this August I will have been here for five years which I am looking forward to! There have been a lot of good changes during my time here including new branding, transforming into the assurance space with our business quality assurance offering, onboarding SEQA and venturing into cyber security, our partnership with Millpond for project management, and now getting into recruiting graduates and giving them great opportunities to kickstart their career. This has been a big highlight for me, with my wife, Melita going through the grad program and enjoying exposure to the latest technology and tools, as well as being mentored by some great minds. It really is a great opportunity that no one should miss!

How are you finding the ‘Kiwi’ lifestyle and the people? What do you tell people back home about your new life in NZ and with Qual IT?

Absolutely brilliant and a place I am calling home. I always tell people how good it is for my family working here, and to spend a month in NZ if they want to experience the Kiwi lifestyle and see the place.

What do you like to do outside of work for fun with the family?

I have heard recently from my mates that am losing more of my Indianism and becoming a Kiwi! I’ve been picking up hobbies like tramping, free diving, and hunting (although I’ve never done this one with the family!). I dreamed of doing all this back home but got the opportunity and time to do it here. I've also been learning carpentry and honing my DIY skills, and not to mention training for triathlon after being truly inspired by the elite athletes at Qual IT!

Finally, are you glad you made the move?!

Definitely glad! And this comes not only from me, but my entire family as I can see how they relish in the beautiful life here in NZ.