Making the Move: Building a Career in NZ

Migrating to NZ with Qual IT

With a move to New Zealand already on the cards for Emma Pryce, she was on the lookout for a role – and company – that would fit her aspiration for career growth while offering the balance and lifestyle she was seeking for her family. Although there wasn’t a specific position available at the time that suited Emma, she submitted her CV as an Expression of Interest and our team jumped at the opportunity to bring her on board as a Quality Consultant. Her continuous hard work has seen her move into a Regional Practice Lead role, where she has proven her prowess in team management and innovative problem-solving. Learn more about Emma’s journey and career growth in New Zealand with Qual IT.


How did you find out about opportunities at Qual IT?

Honestly, it was as simple as a search engine result! Whilst researching a move to Aotearoa, New Zealand, I entered ‘Quality Assurance New Zealand’ and Qual IT was there. The website had plenty of content describing the organisation and services and most importantly company values which I felt aligned to mine.  Another click and all the vacancies were listed - I had begun the process. 

How did you find our application and recruitment process?

Super straight forward. All the steps and information required was very clear and the Resourcing Team were so helpful answering any questions and providing full and friendly guidance.

What, ultimately, made you decide to accept Qual IT’s offer and make the move to NZ?

The people at Qual IT, the chance to work with a wide range of exciting clients, projects and technologies, and the tremendous career development opportunities available to support my professional career progression. Throughout, I felt kindness and support from the team which made the decision an easy one for me. 

We make an effort at Qual IT to support you through the Immigration and moving process. How did you find this?

The Resourcing Team provided useful guides to the immigration process and helped make it as simple as possible. The immigration process is complex and there is a lot of organising of paperwork and evidence. My best advice is to get your supporting documents collated now in readiness and always be completely honest during the application process. Queries and missing information will only cause long delays. I had a great experience with Immigration New Zealand, but they do want to see a high level of detail.  

Did you have any initial concerns about making the big move to work in a new country?

I can honestly say no. I read blogs describing life in NZ, signed up for NZ Immigration bulletins offering advice and tips for life here and so felt very comfortable. Organising schools for our children in NZ was fantastic too, that was probably the only thing that concerned me a little initially. But school offices were happy to help over the telephone whilst we were still in the UK, and they provided exceptional care for new pupils once landed. 

How did Qual IT support you when you first arrived?

Fully - as part of onboarding an overseas person, Qual IT paid for two weeks in fully serviced apartment to give me time to move into a property. As I opened the door there was a food box full of groceries, so I didn’t need to worry about shopping (or expensive restaurants) and my new boss even picked me up from the Airport! Everyone was so supportive, genuinely happy to answer any questions and sign-posted me to various offices and  websites to get all administrations sorted out. 

Tell me about the client and role you are currently engaged with at Qual IT? And how you are finding the role?

I initially joined as a Quality Consultant and am now Regional Practice Lead - Advisory & Solutions, Northern. Along with the team, I work with a wide variety of clients. Ranging from new technology start-ups to global organisations, working on some of the largest implementation in the Southern Hemisphere. Every day is different, and the working environment in New Zealand is professional, honest and friendly.

What do you like to do outside of work for fun with the family? 

Being outdoors. We have walked to the top of volcanos in summer and skied down them in winter. Learned to surf with the help of some cheap lessons as the ocean is never far away. Relaxed with a picnic on some of the most beautiful beaches the world. 

Finally, are you glad you made the move?!

One of the BIGGEST yet the BEST decision our family have made…We couldn’t love it more here!