Gap Analysis

As organisations evolve and grow, challenges become evident and increasingly complex due to changing requirements and the need for speed and agility impacting on internal and external solutions which have reached their capacity to deliver critical functions. Don’t Panic! We see this all the time with many of our clients. 

Here’s our number one recommendation for ‘Bridging that Gap’:

Conduct a current stock take and thorough initial analysis to allow you to identify and assess where you are at and where you would like to be. You’ll need to determine any organisational gaps that exist (pain points) and how they’re preventing your organisation from reaching your business goals. This is essential as it will help to establish clear objectives that will assist in focussing on the “Big Picture”.

Taking valuable time as an organisation to conduct this initial assessment will uncover underlying areas of your business that need attention before engaging with the market for a solution that may not be fit for purpose or meet the true organisational requirements and expectations.

The speed of organisational change is accelerating rapidly. There is more dependency on the growing number of quality processes required to support a business’ growth. What’s integral is understanding just how these changes influence decision making throughout YOUR organisation.  

Gap Analysis focuses largely on streamlining processes, understanding key challenges, improving collaboration, integrating systems and information sources, and providing crucial information about progress and performance.  Because stakeholders will have varying understandings and needs across the business, there are fundamental benefits in taking a structured approach like this as it will aid in gaining business alignment to achieve overall organisation objectives and outcomes.

Are you looking to refine the understanding and cross-dependencies within your organisation, gain business alignment to achieve overall organisation objectives and outcomes or analyse the needs to ensure the objectives of the journey you are embarking on? We’re here to help!

Change is never easy for any organisation, but change must be properly managed at every stage of your business journey. The Gap Analysis process is key to informing your decision-making and to enable your organisation to have those critical discussions to prioritise and progress to the next stages of change now and in the future!

We’ve helped many with their Gap Analysis needs, you can read about their experience here. However, this is just one area that Qual IT’s Business Assurance & Consulting specialists can support your organisation, check out the team’s full capability today.