Making the Move: Migrating to NZ from Argentina

Migrating to NZ with Qual IT

Agustin Leonardo D’Ambrosio – fondly known as Leo around the office – fell in love with Wellington back in 2019 while visiting from Argentina. A suggestion from a friend to apply with Qual IT turned into a job offer, and Leo has been with us kicking career goals ever since! Hear from Leo on how he found the immigration process, and how Qual IT supported him along the way.


What was it about the role and about Qual IT that attracted you?

People’s warmth was the first thing I noticed (while they were trying to cool down my pre-interview nerves!)

How did you find our application and recruitment process?

They made it really clear what to expect in terms of the online evaluations and number of interviews, and I was given a lot of opportunities throughout to showcase my skills.

We make an effort at Qual IT to support you through the Immigration and moving process. How did you find this?

The team were really helpful in providing information and paperwork which allowed me to apply for my Work Visa straight away.

Did you have any initial concerns about making the big move to work in a new country?

I was pretty sure of what I wanted to achieve, and Qual IT was a key part of this.

 How did Qual IT support you when you first arrived?

Well, you know how in need of hugs we Latinos are! At first, I tried getting some but without success. Now every time I get into the office, I spend 15-20 mins catching up with and hugging everyone!

Tell me about the client and role you are currently engaged with at Qual IT? And how you are finding the role?

I’m currently working with TransPower as a Senior Test Analyst working on a project which will have a National impact, the role is amazing!

How are you finding the ‘Kiwi’ lifestyle and the people?

You might hear some Latinos say that Kiwis are cold or don’t have emotion, but that’s just a first impression I would say, it’s a matter of getting to know them. They are really fit, always playing sport! Qual IT is an amazing, multicultural company where you learn lots, but also get the opportunity to teach others.

What do you like to do outside of work for fun with the family?

I recently started cycling to commute which is something that I really enjoy doing. Motorcycle rides and getting to know different hidden cafes all over the Wairarapa are other ways I spend my free time.

Finally, are you glad you made the move?!

Glad? There’s no word to describe how lucky and thankful I was, and still am! To be able to do all of this and to have the chance to work for a company that’s not just focussed on business, but on people’s care as well.