Making the Move: Migrating to NZ from the UK

Migrating to NZ with Qual IT

After searching for job opportunities in New Zealand online from his home in the UK, Phil Thompson came across Qual IT and was impressed by our work culture, commitment to work/life balance and the scope of career opportunities available. After submitting his resume – and coordinating an interview with a 12 hour time difference! – Phil joined the team, and the rest is history. Here, Phil shares with us his journey migrating to a new country with Qual IT.


We make an effort at Qual IT to support you through the Immigration and moving process. How did you find this?

Fantastic – I had something of an interesting experience with immigration New Zealand but Qual IT were simply brilliant in their understanding and support, being extremely flexible and supportive throughout. A lot of the team here have been through the process so fully understand how stressful this can be!

How did Qual IT support you when you first arrived? 

Through regular catch ups and invites to events to get to know the wider team better. They also put you up in a pretty decent hotel for the first two weeks of your stay which was really good of them. If there is something you might be particularly struggling with, Qual IT does everything they can to help figure it out!

Did you have any initial concerns about making the big move to work in a new country?

The standard “what if it doesn’t work out and I have to move everything back?” anxiety – yet here I am 2 years later and in the process of applying for my Residency.

Tell me about the client and role you are currently engaged with? 

I am currently on assignment with Waka Kotahi (formerly known as NZTA) which is a government client. For the last 18 months I have been working on a project as part of a wider team as a Senior Test Analyst involved in a key upgrade to the software which handles the overall traffic management and road safety for Auckland and Wellington.

How are you finding the ‘Kiwi’ lifestyle and the people?

I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world! New Zealand is my home now and the people and life here are super chilled – what other job in my home country would let me do my lunchtime walks on a world-class coastline or chill in a spa pool outdoors once my shift is over?

I often tell people back in the UK I’m pretty much able to enjoy the kind of weather and beaches I’d usually have to spend several months saving for, only to do a week or two holiday before it's back to the same old. It’s right on my doorstep now!

What do you like to do outside of work for fun with the family?

I enjoy weight training, Muay Thai, hiking and travelling. I recently got back into camping too, with my last trip being over in the Coromandel (Cathedral Cove) which I highly recommend.

Finally, are you glad you made the move?!

100% - this is such an awesome part of the world and I’m so glad to be with an employer who puts wellbeing and personal development first.