Planting the QA seed in a world-first App

A world-first tree planting app has launched its Kickstarter to help tackle the continuing impact of climate change being felt across the globe.

TreeTime CEO and Founder Nick Muir has created an innovative, new platform to enable us all to play a part in saving our planet by making a small donation equivalent to just a few cups of coffee. TreeTime then uses that donation to plant and manage your choice of either a native or exotic tree, (or both!) on your behalf to meet their two climate goals: To rapidly capture carbon; and to promote biodiversity. As the trees grow, they will draw carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and store the emissions that are driving global warming.  


When users donate a tree via the TreeTime app, planting coordinates are assigned to each tree and users receive a unique ‘BarkCode’. The app then links to drone technology that surveys TreeTime’s forests and uploads video footage to the TreeTime database. Individual photos of the trees tracked via the BarkCodes are then automatically sent to that tree’s sponsor.

“We have exclusive access to unique geo-positioning software which will enable app users to follow the journey of their unique trees – TreeTime supporters will know exactly where their contribution is going and receive regular updates on the growth of the tree,” says Nick.

The app development is well underway by Auckland-based digital studio transformative, with quality assurance advice and expertise provided by Qual IT.

Read more about the project on TreeTime's website, or via their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Ensuring TreeTime reaches its full potential

We talked to Reg Prasad, General Manager, Advisory & Northern Business at Qual IT to hear how he and the team have applied his passion for successfully delivering results to meet TreeTime's QA objectives.

Can you describe Qual IT’s partnership with TreeTime?

"Qual IT has been working closely with Nick and TreeTime since the early days when he first approached us looking for recommendations for expertise and experience in similar projects.

From the first coffee meeting, Qual IT has supported TreeTime to develop an understanding of the importance of QA and other key areas of focus as part of their App development and launch.

The drive for quality from the start was also spearheaded by Nick and our partnership has grown over time to include Qual IT consultancy and advisory services and solutions such as development workshops, conducting due diligence of vendors, and working alongside the lifecycle of TreeTime's journey, at the same time as aligning to Nick’s passion of doing good for the environment."

With such a new and innovative app being developed by the TreeTime and Transformative team which encompasses a lot of different technologies (Drone, video, Barkcode, and GPS) what expertise were Qual IT able to contribute to this platforms successful development and the TreeTime vision?

"The TreeTime product has a number of key elements engrained in it to attract its target audiences, including unique geo-positioning software, drone technology, and video and photo tracking to enable donors to track their tree’s journey from seed to maturity.

Qual IT has worked on a number of digital programmes from small to large, simple to complex. With our experience, we were able to offer insights into TreeTime's key areas of focus, specifically, maintaining a quality-driven focus, process analysis, and a strong QA framework to help deliver the first MVP."

How did Qual IT ensure the right decisions were being made for the successful development of this innovative app?

"By shifting left… we lead from the start and keep everyone aligned to the quality deliverables whilst being able to provide guidance and advisory to TreeTime."

Why is supporting such a project and an NPO important to you and Qual IT?

"Qual IT has always believed in giving back.

From supporting small businesses to sponsoring charities, we pride ourselves on being able to demonstrate a number of areas where we proactively focus on community.

By being partnering with TreeTime, we want to be part of helping such an innovative platform to reach its full potential and play our part in protecting our earth."

What is your advice to other start-up companies embarking on a digital journey?

"No dream is too big or small… Always understand what you want to deliver and how to get there, invest time in research and ask questions along the way. Understand why quality will be a critical part of your successful digital journey… now and for the future."


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Reg Prasad

General Manager – Advisory & Northern Business

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