Securing Momentum and Assurance in the New World

Today, organisational delivery is increasingly more complex, challenging, and dynamic. The COVID-19 crisis has been one of the most tragic events of our lifetime and businesses are not only facing new and unknown risks but they are also trying to regain their momentum and create more efficiencies than ever before just to survive.

With the changes in remote working, collaborating, processes, and consumer demand, delivering today is a whole different world - and all this change occurred in just 3 months! Unfortunately, in the last few years the processes some organisations have had in place to manage risk and transform, such as Planning, Changing and Refactoring, have often not been robust or forward-looking enough to protect or enhance value. So, now more than ever, every organisation needs to Change, Optimise, Innovate and Lead to establish organisational sustainability, because although these trying times will not require businesses to start over, long term success will not come from staying the same.

So, the question is: How do you maintain transformational momentum in the new world and ensure that those changes are of strategic value today?

Momentum is gained by the maintenance of motivation over time and is a critical enabler for businesses to successfully reach goals and enable teams to collaborate and work together. So, as organisations progress through these trying times, keeping up the momentum on attaining a few important goals will help to ensure an organisation’s success.

Modern-day assurance can build strategies and develop goals to underpin People (Culture), Process and Technology in order to enable teams to deliver on measured, practical and informed approaches. It’s no longer just about protecting value and realising risk but enhancing value with better ways of working and then navigating through the required transformational and technological changes.

As a team, being able to identify with clarity where you are right now is critical for setting goals of strategic value. This will help to ensure that you are all working towards a singular vision, purposefully using individuals’ skills that add value and understand when to seek help in securing additional expertise. Honest evaluation and communication are crucial, as is challenging the status quo and asking the question “Can we?”, as well as, “Should we?”.

Traditionally, when an organisation focuses on meeting customer demands and increasing customer satisfaction, they forget that their own people are customers of the organisation too. Embracing collaborative behaviour needs to be deeply rooted in the culture of an organisation, and by doing so open thinking will more likely materialise. Collaboration, positive thinking, and continuous growth from senior leaders encourages an organisation-wide culture that naturally demonstrates partnership between employees. Culture change is not always easy, nor is it quick, but it is not impossible to do.

However, in uncertain times like these, losing motivation and momentum is a major possibility, and once motivation reduces it can take considerable effort to establish momentum again. If momentum starts to churn, paying attention to clues, connections, and opportunities, as well as keeping aware of environmental shifts and market changes as we progress through these times is key.

Faced with the challenge to evolve, a lot of exceptional ideas will be thought of and tried, and many businesses will have several goals to ensure they can keep on track or even just to keep their head above water. But what if they do not go as planned or take a turn for the worse? Strategic planning is key for establishing a pathway forward, working through goals and creating checkpoints but remember that being flexible on the process of getting there is vital.

Now more than ever unprecedented speed, agility, and extraordinary degrees of collaboration will be essential. To make that possible organisations will need to engage in joint partnerships and work together to ensure you can keep momentum and ensure organisational value in this new world.

Reg Prasad

General Manager – Advisory & Solutions

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