Why Automate?

Ever wondered what Automated Testing was and what it could do for your organisation?
Read on as Ed Barton, Qual IT’s Automation guru, gives us his expert opinion on automated testing and why it should be an essential component of an organisation's overall Quality Assurance (QA) strategy.


Q: Is Automated QA right for your business?

Bugs can damage your reputation, income, customer privacy and more. So, automation of your QA process is most definitely right for your business. The real question is, "Where do you focus your efforts to get the biggest returns?"

Over 80% of organisations are already using automation within their QA processes in one form or another; automated software deployments, automated functional testing, code analysis and performance testing.

Qual IT provides consulting services to help you get started, but we can also assess and drive value out of established QA processes through automation.


Q: How can Automated QA save you time and money?

One of the great benefits of Automated QA is that it is faster and cheaper to run than manual testing processes as it is unattended and eliminates manual processes which often consume skilled human resources. Its shorter test cycles and ability to execute out-of-hours tests across multiple devices also means you can deliver to market faster and at a lower cost.

Finding bugs earlier in the Software Development Lifecycle is also more cost effective. So, by supplementing manual testing with automated QA you can do more with the same level of effort and increase your chances of finding any potentially costly bugs early. You can also prevent bugs that occur in production systems from reaching your end user.  

Qual IT provides consulting services to implement effective and proven Automated QA solutions including functional, performance and build automation.


Q: How can Automated QA be a business enabler for you?

We all know that technology is a key enabler of business productivity and growth. So having an effective and efficient testing solution in place is important for determining if your organisation's software and applications are performing to expectation.

Automated QA enables faster software releases to your organisation making business change a quicker and more agile process internally. It also gives you the ability to release services and software to your external customers faster and with more confidence.

Automated QA also has the ability to scale with the needs of your organisation and drive greater value out of your existing QA process without investing in larger QA teams.


If you’re thinking about using test automation and don’t know where to start or you’ve been using it but not realising its full benefits, Qual IT can help.

We’ve supported numerous organisations to get their test automation solution up and running. Our Engineering experts can examine the essential steps for you to consider when looking to use Test Automation to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your QA.

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