Qual IT provides independent IT quality assurance services

Talk to us about how our full range of quality assurance expertise can provide you with the certainty that your IT projects will deliver successful outcomes.

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Integrated QA

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Our Consultants see the big picture and give you independent advice

Quality outcomes at every stage of your IT project Consulting for independent, up-to-date advice

With a never-ending stream of so-called revolutionary tools, approaches and technology, the rate of organisational change is greater than ever. This, coupled with a growing dependency on technology platforms, means IT functions are under immense pressure to…

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Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts delve deeper, checking the objectives are clear and measurable

Gain certainty throughout your business change journey, with independent advice and insights

To stay ahead in this ever-changing landscape, your organisation needs to keep pace – our leading business analysts can help.

With a service based on partnerships, you’ll have the independent advice and assistance you need to ensure outcomes...

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Our Engineers create efficiency and provide design specialist and technical testing services

De-risk your projects and deliver better software, faster. 

Even with all the expert planning and strategy, critical to the success of a new system is its capacity to cope in any possible situation. 

Qual IT's Engineering practice helps ensure this by focusing on attributes beyond the software’s mere functionality. By looking to…

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Our Testers implement the plan, providing you confidence and assurance in the quality of the software

Realise the full potential of your IT investments with specialist testing.  

To realise value from your strategic IT investments, you need quality at every step. With the right test team, you’ll have confidence in the quality of your new software before it goes live. This increases the chances that it…

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Certainty from the start

Achieve greater success on your next IT project with integrated and independent quality assurance throughout the project deliver lifecycle.

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