Our Consultants can make sure your data works for you

Data has been the lifeblood of businesses since the computer age began – and businesses are having to manage more data, with more layers of complexity, than ever before.

Most modern-day business activities engage and impact data flow from; ad hoc spreadsheet based analysis, bespoke data migration, data quality and rules harnesses, data warehousing and BI, data lakes, big data capture, self-service analytics, data governance, compliance and regulatory reporting. Businesses need to engage with the challenges and opportunities that these activities present and plan for the future.

For each of these activities, there are a dazzling number of approaches and toolsets to pick and choose from, not all of which may be appropriate for your business and technology contexts.  There is no silver bullet, no “one-size-fits-all” methodology which will guarantee that your data ends up working for you. There are many factors which could cause you to work harder for your data, some of which are all too common in projects implementing changes to the flow of business information:

  • Lack of trust/credibility in the data delivered
  • Data quality or timeliness issues
  • Data migration cost and time overruns
  • Data errors propagating through development, test, and production environments
  • Complex temporary or undocumented migration architectures
  • Poorly understood data lineage and models
  • Ineffectual data governance
  • Multiple competing vendors (and costly licences!)
  • Difficulty in reconciling data to an appropriate level
  • Break/fix implementation cycles
  • High effort in manual assurance and reconciliation
  • Growing backlog of application, transport, or data quality issues
  • Data security vulnerabilities – across multiple environments.

While some of these factors may be common, they don’t have to be.  Qual IT has in-depth knowledge and expertise in providing assurance wrappers around data related business change, at whatever level of complexity or compliance.  We can provide expert advice in balancing the risks and opportunities that data – from the smallest migrations to enabling large scale analytics solutions – can present to your enterprise.  Our consultants are able to assist you directly with:

  • Performing targeted risk analysis on data products, migrations, operations, and implementations
  • Performing data quality assessments and recommending appropriate controls
  • Providing assurance that functional and non-functional requirements are met
  • Ensuring that the most important parts of your data are reconcilable between systems
  • Establishing “best fit” for data implementation processes and tools
  • Enhancing and automating quality assurance processes throughout the lifecycle
  • Upskilling your quality assurance functions to meet current and future demand
  • Managing test environments and data to the best advantage of your business changes
  • Evaluating how your business aligns to a desired target operating model for data
  • Establishing data governance – incorporating iterative improvement cycles
  • Reviewing and enhancing existing data governance provisions
  • Providing a quality wrapper around all of your data movements – with no surprises at the end.

Qual IT have capability throughout the lifecycle of your data, focused on mitigating data risk at all levels – from individual attributes right through to organisational and regulatory risk.  We want your data to get to the right places, at the right quality, and at the right time.

We’re ready to help – give us a call today, and see how Qual IT’s Data Assurance team, and our data specialist Mark Garnett, can help you remove data friction between technology and business, and improve the quality of your data processes.  

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