Our Engineers create efficiency and provide design specialist and technical testing services

De-risk your projects and deliver better software, faster.


Even with all the expert planning and strategy, critical to the success of a new system is its capacity to cope in any possible situation. 

Qual IT's Engineering practice helps ensure this by focusing on attributes beyond the software’s mere functionality. By looking to its abilities and how to contribute to its overall quality, we can support faster delivery to market at lower cost, and ensure the success of the project overall.

Peace of mind

With Qual IT's Test Engineering, you’ll have peace of mind that your new system can take whatever is thrown at it. From infrastructure to application, we help to mitigate risk across a broad range of IT solutions to ensure your technology performs under pressure. We do this by applying our experience and knowledge of tried and tested approaches to the latest tooling.

Plug-in specialist resource

Qual IT's Test Engineering services are cost-effective, specialist options for organisations to de-risk their projects. It’s about having the right people and the right capability at the right time, to deliver technical quality-assurance services tailored to your organisation.

Cost-effective projects, delivered faster

With specialist resources where you need them, you’ll deliver software more quickly and to a higher quality, unlocking benefits faster.

A proven track record

Our team has a proven track record for delivering specialist test engineering services in major digital projects. Our highly qualified technical engineers are known for their collaborative, pragmatic, flexible approach.

Our Test Engineering services include:

  • Load and performance testing
  • Performance engineering and monitoring
  • Test-automation strategy and ROI consultancy
  • Test-automation framework development and training
  • Non-functional test management and strategy
  • Test tool evaluation and selection
  • Service virtualisation and application monitoring

When business outcomes rely on the robustness of a new system, certainty’s good. Talk to us about how our engineering testing services can de-risk your IT projects, and deliver better software, faster.