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With our integrated team of expert consultants, business analysts, engineers and testers, we can provide the IT solutions you need, whatever the situation.

Our team comprises experts in their field that have unique skills, project expertise, and industry experience to fit your specific needs across any software, methodology or approach.

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Data Assurance

Eliminating inconsistencies for optimised insights that inform better decision-making...

Agile Solutions

Experienced Agile QA specialists to partner with, support and improve your Agile journey...

Business Assurance

Improve your business with QA partners experienced in managing risk and enhancing business growth and performance...

Commercial Off the Shelf Products (COTS)

Assistance at every step from procurement to implementation of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products...

Cloud Services

Optimise your Cloud strategy, create the right cloud mix and reduce risk throughout a cloud implementation journey...


Maximise the benefits of your solution and reduce implementation time and cost risks on CRM upgrade or implementation...

DevOps & CI/CD

Improve the speed, quality and reliability of software delivery through DevOps & CI/CD with support from Qual IT...


Enhance your ERP implementation and upgrades with our experience in ERP delivery from SAP,Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, to JDE...

Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS)

Involving a wide range of business functions and systems, stakes are raised if something goes wrong. Create a successful implementation…

Government Panels

Securing Qual IT’s services through approved Government Panels...

Independent Quality Assessment

Ensure your investment in IT is maximised for quality outcome with an Independent Quality Assessment...

Integrated QA Delivery

An integrated QA solution provides enhanced project delivery and a focus on quality outcomes from the start of your IT…

Managed Test Service

A fully managed testing and QA service so you can focus on a successful outcome...

Microsoft Dynamics

Qual IT can provide certainty around governance and quality across your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation...

Offshore Engagements

We partner with international clients to deliver quality outcomes from a distance...

Performance Testing

Forget failing systems and unhappy users, mitigate risk across a range of IT solutions with our performance testing expertise...

QA Governance

Qual IT’s Consultancy Solutions offer high-end consultants for the planning phases of an IT project, and then working with the…

QA Reset

If your IT project or programme is causing you some concern our QA Reset specialists can get your QA deliverables…


Specialists in SAP engagements, our in-depth ERP knowledge ranges from implementation to ongoing support...

Test Automation

Increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing with Test Automation...

Test Partnership

Skilled resources partnering to provide scale quickly, work efficiently and enable growth...

Ways We Can Deliver - Quality Assurance

Qual IT’s range of ‘fit for purpose’ delivery methodologies supports IT change in your organisation...

Mobile App Testing

Effective mobile device testing strategies to deliver better, quicker and more cost-effective mobile solutions...

Government Panels

Qual IT can provide Quality Assurance and Testing services to most Central or Local Government agencies through one of the following panels:

  • DIA's Marketplace
  • All of Government Web Services Panel (WSP)
  • All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Panel
  • GCIO Assurance Services Sub-Panel

Why use a panel:

  • Agencies that are part of the New Zealand Public Sector are eligible to participate
  • Offers ease of use, in terms of process and engagement
  • Saves time and money by not having to undergo a primary procurement process through GETS
  • Provides confidence by engaging with a pre-approved partner
DIA's Marketplace

Marketplace is the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) digital space for eligible government agencies and suppliers to buy and sell products and services.

Qual IT is now a registered supplier for services within the Marketplace’s DXS Application Testing category. By engaging with Qual IT through Marketplace, your agency can be assured of the quality of your applications and of a positive end-user experience for your customers.

For registered agencies, procuring through Marketplace is quick and easy. It provides an open, flexible and secure online environment allowing agencies to set their own business rules and approval processes for purchasing. The move away from traditional procurement methods also reduces time, costs and complexity for both parties and allows government organisations to view, compare and buy services all from the one place.

More information on the Marketplace and how it works is available here.

It is worth noting that, although Marketplace will eventually fully replace the Application Testing section of the All of Government Web Services Panel (WSP), it is still valid to engage with Qual IT through WSP to June 2021.

All of Government Web Services Panel (WSP)

This is an All-of-Government approved panel for agencies’ website development and enhances and replaces the previous Common Web Services Panel.

Qual IT is an approved supplier for services within the Application Testing category of this panel.

By using the WSP, agencies no longer have to go to tender for Testing services. You have the choice to utilise our functional and non-functional test consultants to provide confidence in the quality of a Website or Application before it goes live. Therefore, you’ll have the assurance you need that it functions as expected and will work seamlessly for your end users. 

More information on the Web Services Panel is available here.

All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Panel

Qual IT is a panel member in the AoG Consultancy Services solution for Business and Finance – Tranche 1 in the sub category Assurance Tier 3.

Services within this sub category include but are not limited to; Independent Quality Assurance and advice, as well as other quality assurance.  
Our consultants have worked with a range of clients in diverse sectors, across multiple domains and solutions. They are experienced in implementing complex enterprise Quality Assurance strategies, quality process reviews, and in helping our clients to measure the return on investment by providing Independent Quality Assurance.

Our Consultants will;

  • Work throughout the planning stages and at all points during you IT project/s 
  • Understand not only the project, but the business factors important to the outcome
  • Provide end-to-end service from the planning stage and throughout your IT project/s 
  • Give clients confidence before going live

More information on the AoG Consultancy Services solution is available here.

GCIO Assurance Services Sub-Panel

Qual IT is an approved GCIO Sub-Panel provider specialising in the provision of Independent Quality Assurance for participating agencies.

Administered by the Department of Internal Affairs, the GCIO Sub-Panel improves the quality, consistency and independence of assurance services, resulting in greater confidence that ICT-enabled investments will deliver the expected benefits.

Qual IT can deliver the following programme, project and IT technology-based assurance services under the GCIO Sub-Panel:

  • Programme/Project Reviews and Quality Assurance
  • Quality Process Review
  • Quality Assurance Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Independent Advisory
  • Business Assurance/Strategy

More information on the GCIO Assurance Services Sub-Panel is available here.

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